Diligent Board Software Review

The demand for a robust and feature-rich application to manage meeting and board preparation processes is more relevant than ever. Board portals play an important role in the life of a modern company that wants to streamline many processes, save time and improve company development efficiency. Diligent Board is one of the best board portal products that provide useful tools for securely creating and distributing meeting materials. In this article, we will do a detailed review of Diligent board software and its offerings.

Diligent Board Portal is one of the most popular vendors in the market

The creation of the Diligent Board Portal took place in 2007 when a corporation turned to Diligent’s services to create a powerful and secure system for simplifying processes and sharing board materials. Since then, the service has grown to 87,000 users. The Diligent Board Portal has many features, such as powerful data analytics, and an unusual book-like interface with relevant features. Initially, the provider focused only on the convenience of board members, but later it has been improved and added several useful tools for secretaries and managers to prepare for the meeting. The portal is very convenient to use on iPads or tablets with Windows 8.1 or through a PC, but the product is not adapted for androids.

Being one of the most well-known systems on the market, Diligent Board provides robust functionality for organizations that need detailed permission settings or editorial control over meeting documents. The security of the program is at a high level, which allows you to perform legally responsible transactions in compliance with all requirements.

What is diligent software pricing

The provider gives you three plans depending on the size of your board:

  • Small board-an an average of $6,800 per year, plus an initial implementation fee of $1,000. The annual cost includes unlimited advice, account management services, live support, and data storage
  • The average board is about $15,500 per year, plus an initial implementation fee of $2,300. Services include all the same features as the previous plan
  • Big Board – $30,900 per year, plus an initial implementation fee of $4,600

Diligent Board Portal – Key Benefits

Diligent has many useful features, but the most basic that can be highlighted are:

  • Easy to use

A user-friendly book-like interface provides directors with easy navigation through the site. The program provides users with process transparency, which is highly appreciated by stakeholders, efficient document management, and automated routines for meeting organizers.

  • High security

The provider takes your security responsibly, protects your login with dual authentication, and provides two types of data encryption: 256-bit at rest and 198-bit during transmission. Diligent minimizes the risk of data leakage and allows you to regulate access to documents for board members.

  • Unique feature

Meeting Book Build allows you to link all documents for a board meeting by creating an agenda and uploading documents or linking to existing documents from the Resource Center. Users can either create a meeting book or copy and rename an existing book.

  • Advanced Tools

The Diligent board portal provides several types of digital voting, collaboration, and useful document organization tools that allow you to download and easily view meeting-related documents that are not in the meeting book (such as meeting minutes) within the Resource Center. Documents can be organized into sections similar to the meeting agenda.